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Gaza – Farmers and Families Defying the Siege Need Your Help

March 2008

Gaza’s humanitarian situation is at its worst since Israel occupied the territory in 1967, say human rights and development groups including Amnesty International, Save the Children, Cafod, Care International and Christian Aid.

Gazan families are suffering but help is on the way. Although the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, we are excited about a new program from our partner, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC). Despite the catastrophic conditions, Grassroots International’s partner, PARC, is in a position to provide immediate relief but your donation is needed to fund this innovative farmer to family relief program.

Your contribution will allow PARC to:

  • Support besieged farmers through marketing their products at fair prices
  • Assist productive women in women cooperatives through marketing their products at fair prices
  • Provide fresh and processed agricultural foodstuffs to hungry households vulnerable to food insecurity
  • Invigorate agricultural cooperatives
  • Create jobs for unemployed people

PARC’s Beseiged Farmers to Beseiged Families Program will provide Palestinians with urgently needed substantive assistance. Please donate to Grassroots’ Gazan Farmers to Families Fund today.

In solidarity,
Nikhil Aziz

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