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Grassroots International Supporter Shares One Hour of Unedited Video of Flotilla Raid

June 2010

Today Iara Lee, a Grassroots International supporter and an independent documentary filmmaker and activist, posted online more than one hour of unedited video taken aboard the Mavi Marmara.  The video, recorded in high definition, shows clear uninterrupted footage of the events that occurred before, during, and after Israeli Navy Commandos raided the boat in international waters.  At least nine passengers were killed during the raid, and dozens more were wounded.  The video provides a previously unavailable timeline of the raid as it unfolded, and may shed light on disputes over how and why violence ensued. 

Following the raid, the Israeli government attempted to confiscate all footage acquired by passengers, including all cell phones and other recording materials.  Iara said at a news conference yesterday that she was able to hide her video card and smuggle it out.  She noted that another video card she had attempted to hide was discovered and subsequently confiscated by Israeli authorities, along with her video equipment.

Iara Lee’s website,, has both the full video as well as a condensed 15 minute version available for viewing.  To watch the videos, click here.

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