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Haiti Stands in Solidarity with Puerto Rico

July 2019

Our Haitian partner Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA) expresses their solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico in the streets, protesting disaster capitalism and calling on the governor to resign. They are in the same fight in Haiti, against both corruption and American intervention.

Here’s a rough translation of the video:

“On behalf of the Haitian social movements, on behalf of PAPDA … we want to express our firm and enthusiastic support and solidarity with the PR struggle which for 7 days has been on the streets denouncing the sitting governor who is involved in corruption and expressions against the people of Puerto Rico.

We want to support this fight because we too are in a similar moment in Haiti. It has been a year since the Haitian people have risen to denounce the corruption and denounce the direction that the country is heading in; a neoliberal one that is associated with the imperialism of North America and the IMF. We want to denounce that today there is an expression of intensified re-colonization of the Caribbean. It is being expressed in Haiti, in Cuba via the violent aggression against the people of Bolivia.

We the people do not want to accept these new modalities of colonialism. We are denouncing the governor but we are also denouncing the politics of utilizing the Puerto Rican debt to take complete control over the life of Puerto Rican citizens.

Here in the Caribbean we want free towns, sovereign towns, towns that enjoy self-determination. We do not want to accept the pillaging of our resources for the benefit of a few families and international corporations. Viva a free Puerto Rico, Viva the struggle of the Puerto Rican fight that every day is confronted with a brutal repression that is expressed through strong means at the level of the water, air and land with acrimonious gases that are trying to quell the liberation of Puerto Rico.

Like the people of Haiti, of Cuba and PR, the Caribbean people are fighters and we need to continue this struggle to achieve the final victory against imperialism.

Viva a free Puerto Rico. Viva the current struggle of Puerto Rico.”

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