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Haiti’s Deadliest Hurricane Season

September 2008

Haiti is once again confronting an emergency as Hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike have ripped through the island one after the other over the past weeks.  Grassroots International’s partners on the ground expect the damage to far exceed past natural disasters.  We need to act now to help our Haitian partners and their communities rebuild.

We are working with community-based groups in Haiti who have the capacity to deliver on commitments and the potential to stick with the issue long after emergency funding streams dry up. Grassroots takes the long view, even in a crisis.  We take care to build the power fo local producers and community-based groups, and we look to the local economy for food sources first.

Our partners tell us stories of people who have been stranded on rooftops for days without food, cities and towns entirely surrounded by water and disconnected from one another.  The death toll is rising by the minute.  Thousands of people are counting on our partners for help.  Every dollar you send can make a difference – please help in this time of emergency.

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