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Healing Justice Resources

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December 2023

Grassroots International

Through our decades-long partnerships with social movements, our partners have taught us how important healing is. We have learned to intentionally check in with our fellow movement co-conspirators and to support their wellbeing and mental health, both financially and emotionally. While they have always been woven into our political and programmatic work, over the last few years we have made healing and wellbeing an explicit and core part of our strategy. Learn more about our healing justice work here.

The Martín-Baró Initiative for Wellbeing and Human Rights (MBI) is a concrete expression of this shift. In 2019, we brought the previously independent Martín-Baró Fund into close relationship with our work. Now housed at Grassroots International, MBI represents a redoubled commitment to healing justice. Read more about the Martín-Baró Initiative here.

Healing justice is one of the six dynamic, and often intersecting, issues and struggles our partners work on:

Defense of Territory

Struggles for territory get to fundamental issues of self-determination and survival in the face of older and newer forms of extractivism, from settler colonialism to global land and water grabbing.

Food Sovereignty

From field to plate, our food system is steeped in injustice. But social movements are working to change this in inspiring ways.

Human Rights Defense

We support movements to strengthen collective security; monitor and document violations; campaign against impunity; take legal actions; and push for the recognition of new forms of human rights.

Ecological Justice

Frontline communities bearing the brunt of climate chaos and other forms of ecological disruption are the ones holding the most powerful solutions to these and related crises.

Healing and Wellbeing

In the face of violence, trauma and health disparities, movements and communities are using healing as a form of resistance.

Grassroots Feminisms

An array of feminist movements are insisting women, trans, and gender non-conforming people’s rights cannot be isolated from other inequalities like race, class, and colonialism.

Learn more about the other issues areas we work on here.

Solidarity Encounter | Healing Justice in Black Feminist and Palestinian Liberation Movements

While we hadn’t anticipated the genocide that would be unfolding in Palestine when we began planning our Solidarity Encounter on Healing Justice in Black Feminist and Palestinian Liberation Movements, this virtual gathering could not have come at a more necessary time. Featuring the powerful combination of writer and activist adrienne maree brown, Devin Atallah of the Indigenous Palestinian decolonial healing collective CURCUM, and Ayman Nijm and Trina Jackson of Grassroots International, the dialogue that took place was gut-wrenchingly raw, emotional, and stirring. Devin and Ayman discussed confronting death and despair with revolutionary Indigenous love as Palestinians, while Adrienne and Trina powerfully bore witness to what they shared, urging us to garner the courage to shoulder more, embrace more, speak out, and speak up. Watch the recording below.


CURCUM’s Trees: A Decolonial Healing Guide for Palestinian Community Health Workers

One example of healing justice work that Grassroots International has supported, through a grant from the Martín-Baró Initiative for Wellbeing and Human Rights, is the CURCUM Collective. This Collective, a coalition of Indigenous Palestinian activists and organizations, recently helped to create a powerful decolonial healing guide, which they published ahead of schedule and made free to all in October, after the escalation of violence in Gaza and throughout Palestine.

Check out CURCUM’s Decolonial Healing Guide below.

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