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How the Food Industry is Feeding Us Lies

July 2015

A new report exposes an ugly truth about advertising and deception that really comes as no surprise: Industrial food giants create and fund front organizations to conduct stealth public relations campaigns to downplay the dangers of chemical-intensive agriculture and undermine organic food.

Produced jointly by Friends of the Earth, US Right to Know and the Small Planet Institute, the report exposes the growth of food-industry-sponsored front groups and other covert communication tactics in the past few years.  Spinning Food: How Food Industry Groups and Covert Communications are Shaping the Story of Food documents massive spending by chemical giants and industrial agriculture interests like Monsanto, Coca-Cola and DuPont (just to name a few) to defend GMOs and oppose GMO labeling, promote pesticide and antibiotics as safe, and attack organic foods.

As consumers want to know more about how their food is grown and raised, and demand more transparency, the market share of packaged foods has dived. Rather than change their products and practices, big ag has reached into its deep pockets, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate the public conversation about food. Authors of Spinning Food point out: “With the future of our food at stake, it is critical to raise awareness about the coordinated messages and covert communication tactics being used by this vast marketing machine.”

You can find the report here.  Please share a facebook post and promote the report on Twitter using the hashtag #FoodPRWatch.

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