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How We Live: Video explores a transition toward a just economy

June 2014

Modern production is based on extraction from the planet, and modern finance is based on extraction from the many for the benefit of the very few. What would a new economy look like and how can we rethink our relationship to resources, work and culture? Those are some of the questions explored in the video, How We Live: A Journey Towards a Just Transition.

The 7-minute video by Kontent Films takes a step back, beautifully defining and breaking down the terms “economy,” “ecology” and “ecosystem” to help us look at the role that our current economic system has in our society and the environment, and what can be done to move us towards a more sustainable world. This video, which premiered at the Just Giving Global Social Justice Philanthropy Conference of EDGE Funders Alliance, asks us to think at the global level.


How We Live: A Journey Towards A Just Transition from Kontent Films on Vimeo.

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