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Israel’s Declaration of Gaza Strip as Enemy Entity Will Strangulate Gaza and Lead to Catastrophe for Civilians

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September 2000


Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP) is gravely concerned regarding the decision of the Israeli Security Cabinet which designates the Gaza Strip as anEnemy Entity and makes a plan to impose collective punishment against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

According to information by media sources, the Israeli plan aims to reduce providing the Gaza Strip with electricity and Fuels to the minimum level that will be sufficient only for public sector use only. This is in addition to imposing more restrictions on the movement of goods and individuals through crossings dominated by Israeli occupation forces and restrictions on the flow of money transfer through banks.

GCMHP considers this decision to be illegal and immoral and contradictory to the principles of International law and Human Rights. It is also a violation of Israel’s responsibilities as an occupying state. GCMHP also views this declaration as the beginning of a policy of strangulation against the Palestinian civilians and a form of collective punishment that will harm more that 1.5 million civilians including children, women, the elderly and unemployed workers.

This decision has serious mental consequences on the Palestinian people. The vast majority of the Palestinian people are suffering from symptoms of anxiety, depression, despair and hopelessness as a result of the Israeli siege, and the resultant poverty.

We, at GCMHP, warn against the serious consequences resulted from this decision and implementation of Israeli government plan. We asserts that humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip will deteriorate severely to a genuine humanitarian catastrophe.

GCMHP calls upon the international community and human rights groups all over the world to intervene immediately to pressure the Israeli government in order to stop its plan for strangling the Gaza Strip.

If this plan becomes a reality, it will increase the already overwhelming humanitarian suffering and will lead to more political and security instability in the region and the whole world.

Gaza Community Mental Health Program

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