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Kevin Murray Announces His Departure as Executive Director of Grassroots International

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December 2004


Dear friends:

I write you today with news about Grassroots International. After six years of work with this amazing organization, my service as its Executive Director will conclude as of December 31 of this year.

The core of GRI’s mission is to support the work of social organizations through financial contributions, as well as educational and advocacy work here in the U.S. I leave feeling very good about what we have been able to do in this regard.

After six years of work with this amazing organization, my service to GRI will conclude as of December 31 of this year.

I’m happy to say that this transition occurs at a very good moment for Grassroots. We have just completed a drive to raise a Global Justice Fund that will allow us to implement some exciting new program initiatives in the coming years. We have a very strong staff and a committed Board of Directors, cognizant of the important role it must play in this time of transition. Perhaps most importantly, our relationships with our two most important constituencies—our international partners and the people in the U.S. who support our work—have never been better.

That said, we do see the storm signals around our work. The right wing in this country is determined to use the war against terrorism as a way of stifling dissent. They have tried to create a climate of fear and uncertainty around any attempt by U.S. organizations to provide support for international social change work. Regardless of what happens in today’s election, we face challenging times ahead.

At our 20 th anniversary celebration in November 2003, we joked about how often we hear that people are surprised that an organization like Grassroots can exist in the United States. One theme of that celebration was that GRI is no longer satisfied to be considered a unique political curiosity: We want to be seen as an organization making a real difference to global social movements because people here and abroad see value in our mission of Action for Global Justice.

Over these past six years, I have been privileged to contribute to that mission. I will move on, but this organization and mission will remain strong because they continue to reflect the aspirations for justice of people like you. I thank you for your support over these past six years, and urge you to stay involved with Grassroots International and the greater movement for a better world of which it is part. I look forward to seeing you along that path!


Kevin Murray

Executive Director

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