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Occupy, Produce and Resist – The MST is Globalizing Hope!

August 2005

I recently traveled to the Northeast of Brazil to visit Grassroots International’s partners with our Executive Director, Nikhil Aziz, who is also a member of the Board of Directors of Resist,Inc. an activist foundation. Upon our return, Resist invited me to write about our trip and about the MST – the Landless Workers Movement. Many of you have probably already read about the incredible success of the MST ‘s national march for agrarian reform. Some have wondered why it would be necessary for a landless workers movement to mobilize the largest national march in the country’s history when the current government is led by a Worker’s Party president?

To read more about this and find out about the incredible struggles and relentless commitment of MST members in the state of Pernambuco follow the link below to the July 2005 Resist newsletter……….

This is the link.

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