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Pakistan Floods: Secular, Liberal & Progressive Organizations doing Flood Relief need Your support

August 2010

The recent monsoonal floods in Pakistan have devastated nearly a third of the country’s landmass – by some estimates area the size of Italy. More than 20 million people have been directly impacted by the rising waters of the Indus and other rivers in three of Pakistan’s four major provinces – Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the Punjab (Pakistan’s bread-basket) and Sindh. The death toll, already in the thousands, is climbing daily and is expected to spike sharply as water-borne diseases like cholera inevitably spread with the floods.

Grassroots International currently does not have a regional or country program in South Asia or Pakistan but our Staff, Board and supporters recognize that besides the widespread devastation and the impact on people in Pakistan, groups engaged in ongoing struggles for social and economic justice, and human rights are also affected.

For those Grassroots International donors and colleagues who wish to directly support groups working in the region (either based in the United States or Pakistan) we have posted this list of secular, progressive or liberal organizations doing flood relief work to which you can donate to in the United States or Pakistan. This list has been put together by a number of progressive South Asian activists in the United States and Pakistan. Grassroots International has not necessarily funded or vetted these groups, so donors must use their own discretion.  We have also listed two of our close allies in the United States (Global Fund for Women and American Jewish World Service) that have a long history of working in Pakistan and are currently coordinating targeted fundraising efforts for flood relief.

The first organization listed below has a US status and address and can receive checks. The next six are Pakistan-based but can receive donations in US$ amounts, with some able to receive checks and money orders in US bank accounts in New York. Almost all of them have websites and you can check them out by clicking on the hyperlinked names below. The last two are U.S.-based allies of Grassroots International that are receiving funds restricted for Pakistan flood relief.  
Following are Pakistan-based organizations NOTE: For Pakistan-based organizations please avoid international checks and bank drafts and instead do wire transfers. Please remember to include the SWIFT Code in your instructions to the bank and to send the recipient organizations details of the transfer.

1) Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation
The Edhi Foundation has a long history of working across Pakistan doing a range of charitable relief work. It has one of the most extensive networks across each of the country’s provinces. Please call the numbers below or send an email for directions on how to donate. Please note that this organization has US status and can receive checks.
42-07 National Street
Corona, New York, 11368 USA
Tel: (718) 639-5120 or (718) 639-5120     
Fax:(718) 335-1978
Toll Free# 1-888-899-EDHI or 1-888-899-EDHI     

2) Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Centre (Progressive/Secular/Women’s NGO)
Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre (SG), Pakistan, is actively engaged in providing and coordinating relief to those affected across Pakistan through its partner community-based organizations in synchronization with all three Shirkat Gah offices in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. Shirkat Gah is also a grantee partner of the Global Fund for Women (a peer/ally of Grassroots International – see below).

For further information please contact (any) of the following:
Ms. Humaira Sheikh: email:, mobile: +92-300-846-1142
Ms. Sadia Ahmed: email:  phone: +92-42-35836554

Please note: All individuals/organizations transferring funds to SG should intimate them of the details of transfer.

You can send your contribution to the following Shirkat Gah accounts:
Shirkat Gah’s Bank Details – USD account (US Dollar account):
Account Title: Shirkat Gah, Branch Office Lahore
Account No: 05-5307597-79
Account Currency: US$
Bank Name Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Ltd
Address of the Bank: 27 Ali Block, New Garden Town Lahore, Pakistan
Swift Code: SCBLPKKX

3) Sindh Labour Relief Committee (Progressive/Secular Coalition)

A number of progressive labor, women’s youth and other groups have formed the Sindh Labour Relief Committee (SLRC) to coordinate relief efforts in areas of Sindh affected by the floods.

Contact persons:

Nasir Mansoor 92300-3587211 or Abira Ashfaq 92314-2003885

You can send checks or money orders to the following New York based accounts for further credit to Pakistan banks in Karachi and the SLRC account as indicated below.

Pay to: JP Morgan Chase Bank Ltd, New York, SWIFT Code: CHASUS33 or American Express Bank Ltd, New York, SWIFT Code: AEIBUS33

Further credited to: NIB Bank Ltd, Gulshan, Karachi, Pakistan, SWIFT Code: NIBPPKKA

Favoring: Labour Education Foundation, Account Number 0009-0270652 (with NIB Bank Ltd, Gulshan, Karachi)

4) Sindh Rural Support Organisation (Liberal/Secular NGO)
SRSO is now accepting donations from philanthropic individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations to provide relief in flood-affected areas of upper Sindh. You can send your contributions to:
Standard Chartered Bank, New York to transfer to JS Bank Ltd. Karachi, Pakistan
Swift Code SCBLUS33 (Standard Chartered)
Account number of JS Bank (with Standard Chartered) 3582039975001
Swift Code JSBLPKKA (JS Bank Ltd)
Number of SRSO Flood Relief Account (with JS Bank) 198068
For more information on relief efforts and how to donate please contact:
Mr. Ghias Muhammad Khan (Coordinator Sindh RSP’s Consortium), email or Dr. Ghulam Rasool Samejo, email

5) Sungi Development Foundation (Liberal/Secular NGO)
US$ account:
Sungi Development Foundation,
Account No. 412-2
Branch Code 0585
Online transfer code: 058512020004122
MCB Star Branch, Abbottabad,
Swift Code: MUCBPKKA

6) Sarhad Rural Support Programme (Liberal/Secular NGO)
SRSP is working in the different flood-affected valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including in Shangla, Kohistan, Dir, Swat and Chitral.

Account Name Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP)
Account Number: (US Dollar Account) 05-7772777-90
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank Peshawar Branch.
Bank Address: P.O Box # 18, 35 Sharah e Quaid-e-Azam, Peshawar, Pakistan Zip/Post: 25000
Swift Code: SCBL PKKX
Tel Number: +92915275665 +92915275665     
Fax Number +92915275367

7) Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation (Liberal/Secular NGO)

The Omar Ashgar Khan Development Foundation has offices in Islamabad and Abbotabad and field offices and staff throughout Kyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. They are also providing flood relief.

Account Name: Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation

Account Number: 058512020005422

Bank Name: MCB Bank (0585), Main Branch, Abbotabad, Pakistan


Below are two U.S. public charities that are fund-raising for Pakistan flood relief and are close allies/peers of Grassroots International. Click on the hyperlinked name below to go to their restricted donation page.

8) Global Fund for Women
Many GFW grantees are at the heart of relief efforts in Pakistan. Shirkat Gah, a grantee partner and a key Pakistan women’s rights organization is currently mobilizing support – please consider making an emergency contribution today to support women in Pakistan as they struggle to respond to this disaster and rebuild their communities.

9) American Jewish World Service
AJWS partners who are located in the region have assessed the needs of their communities and are working quickly to mobilize emergency support for victims of the flooding. They are distributing food packets and essential medicines to those stranded, erecting temporary shelters for those whose homes have been destroyed, facilitating access to clean drinking water in government relief camps and working with local and national government authorities to expedite the relief process.

Photo above is courtesy of Secular Pakistan.

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