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Palm Oil Plantations Displace Communities in Central America, Video Tells the Story

January 2016

Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet, with some 50 million metric tons produced annually. High demand for the product is leading to the growth of African Palm plantations in Central America, which, in turn, is fueling environmental destruction, the exploitation of agricultural labor, and the displacement of local peasant farmers by companies often financed by development banks.

Recently, teleSUR interviewed Grassroots International’s Sara Mersha and our partner Miriam Miranda from the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras about the impact of palm oil plantations on small farmers and indigenous peoples, as well as the planet. Both were at a gathering in Washington, DC to speak out against violations of human rights in Central America, including the displacement of thousands of farmers and indigenous peoples because of the expansion of palm oil production.

You can watch their video here.


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