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PARC Reports: People Killed, Life Shattered, and Land Occupied

January 2009

Grassroots International’s partner, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) has long played a crucial role in defending the Palestinian people’s human right to land, water and food.  One of their goals is to contribute to the achievment of sustainable and integrated rural development in Palestine, and they have been a key actor in building a secular and democratic civil society.  Since 1983, they have worked tirelessly with rural and refugee (from the war of 1948) farmers. 

Grassroots currently funds PARC’s innovative Urban Agriculture program in Gaza, which encourages food sovereignty and security by establishing networks of rooftop and backyard gardens.

The recent Israeli military campaign against Gaza caused immense devastation for our partners including PARC.  In a detailed situation report , PARC described the death and destruction caused by the war and its implications for their organization.  Their headquarters, training facilities  and community  garden in Gaza were hit by direct fire during the attacks and then occupied as a military post by the Israeli army, which further destroyed what was left of their computers and files.

PARC and other Grassroots partners in Gaza need help now to rebuild, and to continue not only feeding and serving the people of Gaza but also towards achieving socal justice in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  To help them rebuild with a special contribution now, click here.

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