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Photo Blog: Water Justice in Nigeria

February 2019

In January 2019, Grassroots International attended Nigeria’s National Summit on Water as a Human Right: From Resistance to Real Solutions Against Corporate Control co-organized by Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria and Corporate Accountability. Solidarity Program Officer Mina Remy and graduate fellow Nicholas Johnson also tacked on a few days to learn more about the deep history of environmental justice activism in Nigeria.

It was grounding to hear Nigerians elaborate the root causes of ecological destruction in the country and inspiring to witness how frontline communities are fighting denationalization of public resources. We hope these photos adequately capture the resilience of the Nigerian people in their struggle against privatization of water and attacks on the environment for profit. We extend our gratitude to our graduate fellow, Nicholas Johnson, for accompanying us and sharing his gift of photography.

The photo blog below, the first of a two-part series on our recent trip to Nigeria, focuses on the summit. The summit highlighted water privatization in the Lagos state — the largest and richest state in Nigeria. Stopping privatization there is critical to stop the rest of Nigeria and other African countries from privatizing their water as well. Mina and Nicholas joined an international delegation to create links between the struggle in Nigeria with other communities fighting water privatization — including Pittsburgh, PA; Flint, MI; and India.

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