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Post-Election Reflections

November 2016

As a staff, we circled up together after the elections to begin unpacking the meaning and implications of the election, for each of us as individuals and for our work. As we brace ourselves for the impending aggressive roll back of social policies, and attempts to put into practice ugly misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, anti-immigrant and anti-queer rhetoric, we felt a heavy sense of responsibility. At the same time, we felt gratitude that we are part of this community that can provide strength and hope to each other.

As a global funder and advocacy organization, Grassroots International knows all too well that the damages of US policies and practices does not stop at our borders. In fact, some of the worst aspects of US policy play out regularly in the lives of our partners around the world.

  • Social movements in Brazil are currently engaged in their own struggle against right-wing forces, installed by an institutional coup.
  • Haitian peasants continue to organize to create alternative economies and new solutions in the face of predatory international practices and climate crisis.
  • Honduras remains one of the most violent countries on earth, particularly for Indigenous Peoples, peasants, and other environmental activists.
  • Palestinians continue to live under a siege funded heavily by US aid.
  • Everywhere, communities face the ravages of climate change while the US refuses to address its root causes.

As we try to figure out what the election means for us in the US, let’s remember that we are part of a much larger community on this one planet.

As we enter a period of immense challenges, Grassroots International remains steadfast in our commitment to human rights and social justice, and grateful for your partnership. We are ready to engage more deeply with other progressive allies to analyze the election results, better understand the rise of global right wing forces and contribute to re-imagining and building a stronger grassroots progressive movement.

We feel called to do all of this in the spirit of “Waging Love,” as our sister and movement ancestor Charity Hicks so often reminded us, standing up for and with one another.

Together, let’s build for the long-haul.

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