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Re-militarization and the U.S. Military Presence in South America

July 2006

This morning, in the National Congress of Paraguay, members of the Observatory Mission in Paraguay organized by the Campaign for the Demilitarization of Americas (CADA) are participating in the Roundtable: “Remilitarization and the U.S. Military Presence in the Region”. Since the signature of the Bi-national Agreement that gives immunity to U.S. troops in Paraguay, the country is under international watch of social movements and regional governments.

The roundtable will have as lecturers: Ana Esther Ceceña, Senior Researcher of the Institute of Economy Research, from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Ana Esther has a PhD in Economic Relations from the University of Paris and is the coordinator of the Workgroup about Hegemony and Emancipations of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO). Raul Zibechi, Journalist in Uruguay. Raul is the winner of 2003 Jose Marti Latin American Award of Journalism for his work about social movements in Argentina during the 2001-2002 crises. He is the editor of the International News in Brecha, Uruguayan weekly newspaper. Orlando Castillo, coordinator of the Demilitarization Sector of the Servicio Paz y Justicia in Latin America (SERPAJ-Py)

The observatory mission to Paraguay is formed by representatives of human rights, scholars and social movements of France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay.

Members of the Delegation in Paraguay:

Sonia Winer (Research Coordinator of Army and Democracy from the International Political Economy Department of the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Argentina)

Rina Bertaccini (General Secretary of the Movement for Peace, Sovereignty, and Solidarity among the People, Argentina)

Claudia Korol (Coordinator of Popular Education of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo University, Argentina)

Carlos Ernesto Motto (Latin American Observatory of Geo-Political Issues, Professor of Sociology at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Ana de las Mercedes de Maio (Researcher, International Political Economy of the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación)

Aton Fon Filho (Lawyer, Executive Director of the Justice and Human Rights Defense Network, Brazil)

Igor Capitani Ojeda (Journalist, Brazil)

Wilson Changaray (President of the Guarani People Assembly, Bolivia)

Horacio Sanbauraqui (Advisor of the Parapiguasu Federation, Bolivia)

Fabio Serna (Human Rights activist, Colombia)

Alexandra Anchundia (Member of the Taholí Movement, Ecuador)

Teobaldo Vélez (Coordinator of Front for the Defense of Land Rights of Rural and Urban Communities Affected by the Navy Base in Jaramijó, Ecuador)

Juan Carlos Peñafiel (Youth Christian Association, Ecuador)

Robison Salazar (Writer, Professor and Researcher, University of Sinaloa and University of Colima (Graduate Studies), Mexico)

Ana Juanche (Member of the Latin American Coordination of the Servicio Paz y Justicia, Uruguay)

Maria Silveria (Servicio Paz y Justicia, Uruguay)

Edgardo Manero (Professor, University of Tolouse, France)

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