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Repression by Honduran Junta continues – Take action now

July 2009

Over the weekend, Rafael Alegría, a prominent leader of the Via Campesina Central America and outspoken critic of the recent military coup in Honduras, was arrested along with several others including colleagues from the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH).  Some information alleges that a number of the detainees have been tortured.

Rafael has since been released. But the repression continues!

We need the Obama Administration to take a strong and principled position on the coup in Honduras now.  Send a letter to President Obama demanding his unequivocal support for an end to repression and the right to free speech and assembly in Honduras.

The Army targeted Rafael and members of COPINH because of their courage and relentless protest since the illegal coup occurred several weeks ago.  As the popular slogan of those resisting the military regime states: the biggest fear of the coup leaders is the fearless protesters.  Rafael’s arrest is an example of the illegal regime’s efforts to silence the opposition.

In addition to the unlawful arrests this weekend, the Army fired rifles and tear gas into crowds of thousands of protesters.  Read more here

Please join us now in taking urgent action on behalf of Rafael and other protesters in Honduras.  Press the Obama Administration to take serious and immediate steps to stop the arrests and repression against Honduran grassroots organizations.

*photo courtesy of SOA Watch.

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