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Security Forces Persecute Peasant Union Leaders in Honduras

January 2018

For successive years, Honduras demonstrates one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world, and the highest rate of assassination of environmental activists. The months following the disputed presidential election continues the violent trend. More than 30 people have been assassinated, and hundreds more detained. Grassroots International and our partners in Honduras condemn the impunity that perpetuates human rights abuses and threatens the lives and livelihoods of small farmers, Indigenous peoples and those who organize for land and water rights.

Below is a statement from the Platform of the Social and Popular Movement of Honduras denouncing death threats made toward peasant leaders, and intimidation tactics targeting peasant leaders. Grassroots International provided emergency grants to the Platform and to the Via Campesina-Honduras toward mobilizing to defend human rights and democracy.

Click here to take action and demand that the US suspend military and police aid to Honduras until human rights violations committed by Honduran security forces cease and their perpetrators are brought to justice.

Platform of the Social and Popular Movement of Honduras

January 16, 2018
Alert: Security Force agents persecute peasant union leaders

Around 50 agents of the National Inter-Agency Security Force (FUSINA) arrived at 5 pm at the home of the coordinator of the National Central of Rural Workers (CNTC), Francisco Godinez, with the intention of arresting him.

According to residents of El Triunfo in Potrerillo Cortes, the agents arrived with an arrest warrant for Francisco Godinez, Sergio Godinez, Pedro Sanchez and Jose Godinez.

This arrest warrant is an act of intimidation for participating in actions against the continuity of the Presidency of Juan Orlando Hernandez. This is not the first act of intimidation; previously Francisco Godinez received death threats by phone.

As Platform of the Social and Popular Movement of Honduras (PMSPH) we denounce the criminalization and persecution against social activists. We hold the Honduran State and the government of Juan Orlando Hernandez responsible for the safety of the members of the National Central of Rural Workers (CNTC).

Platform of the Social and Popular Movement of Honduras

For further information:
Facebook: /pmsphonduras
Twitter: @pmsphonduras
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Grassroots International thanks Rachel Wyon for translation.

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