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Speaking out for Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty

September 2014

Miriam Miranda’s journey from Honduras for the People’s Climate Justice Summit put her on the podium in front of thousands of people in New York this weekend. A leader of the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH, a Grassroots International partner), Miriam and her community have been on the front lines of work for climate justice. She boldly told the crowd, “We cannot accept nor perpetuate this supposed development which does not take into account or respect nature and the earth’s natural resources… We should and must have the obligation to leave water, air, food and secure the safety for our sons and daughters and other living things.”

Miriam joined Grassroots International staff and other partners to call for a real solution to climate change, and to expose the false solutions perpetrated by corporations. Elisa Estronioli of the Movement of People Affected by Dams (one of Grassroots’ partners in Brazil) also spoke about the privatization of waterways and climate dangers produced by dams. Via Campesina members Antolin Huascar (Peru) and Dena Hoff (US), and Mamadou Goita (a Grassroots ally from IRPAD in Mali) addressed activists at the New School on a panel called “False Promises to Living Economies: Climate Smart Agriculture vs. Food Sovereignty.”

As part of the planning committee with the Climate Justice Alliance and Our Power Campaign, Grassroots International has been involved the People’s Climate Justice Summit and A People’s Tribunal on Climate Change.

Throughout the Climate Justice events, Grassroots and our partners are offering powerful examples of how food sovereignty offers a real solution to climate disruption, cooling the planet while feeding communities.

Below is the powerful message, poem and call to action delivered by Miriam Miranda:

Llego la hora de cuestionar
The time has arrived to question

un modelo “desarrollo”
the model of “development”

que nos han impuesto en las últimas décadas
that has been imposed on us in these last decades

No podemos aceptar ni perpetuar
We cannot accept nor perpetuate

un supuesto “desarrollo”
this supposed development

que no toma en cuenta ni respeta
which doesn’t take into account or respect

la naturaleza y los recursos de la tierra,
nature and the earth’s natural resources,

Que responsabilidad estamos asumiendo
What responsibility are we assuming

con nuestras futuras generaciones?
with our future generations?

Debemos y tenemos la obligación
We should and must have the obligation

de dejar agua,
to leave water



y asegurar la salud
and secure the safety

para las nuestros hijos e hijas
for our sons and daughters,

y los seres vivos.
and other living beings

El Planeta esta colapsando
The planet is collapsing

Y llego la hora de actuar
And the time has come to act

Accionemos YA,
We act NOW

Demandemos y Construyamos
We demand and construct

un Plan de Vida,
A plan of life

en contra de la Cultura de la Muerte
against the culture of death

A la que nos están condenando
that we are being condemned to

las Grandes Corporaciones de la Muerte
by the grand corporations of death

y el Capital Transnacional
and transnational capital

Muchas gracias
Thank you.

Photo: Miriam Miranda, accompanied by Jovanna Garcia Soto from Grassroots International, speaks at the Flood Wall Street rally during the Climate Justice Summit in New York. Photo by Libor Von Schönau, @LiborVS

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