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Support Emergency Relief Efforts in Palestine

July 2014

Grassroots International has longstanding relationships with community-based organizations in the region, which can help get resources – such as medical supplies, food, and water – where they are most needed as soon as possible.  Your gift now will help provide much-needed relief to the people of Gaza and the West Bank, and help them begin to rebuild.

As the violence in Palestine and Israel has escalated, so too has the death toll of Palestinians. Hundreds are dead, and thousands more people injured, including many women, children and elderly. As one partner wrote us, “Civilians are in the eye of the storm.”

Every day, we hear new messages from civil society organizations in Gaza and the West Bank, describing the devastation and calling for solidarity. The windows in the office of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) were all broken in last week’s bombings. The attacks are unprecedented in their intensity – the whole population is suffering, the founder of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights told us this week.

Will you join us in offering much-needed solidarity and financial support at a time of tremendous need?

Please help us raise $15,000 in the next two weeks for Palestinian civil society groups to support their work in this time of crisis, including:

  • Delivering much-needed medical supplies like antibiotics to Gaza
  • Documenting human rights abuses, and providing legal assistance to detainees
  • Providing medical relief and mental health assistance to people traumatized by constant bombing
  • Rebuilding destroyed vegetable gardens, farms and water cisterns

We hope that you will join Grassroots International in calling for an end to the violence being perpetrated by both the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas. We urgently call for an end to the violence perpetrated on all sides, and especially cry out for justice for those civilians caught in an ideological and actual crossfire. As our partner wrote us, “One day, we shall overcome. Salam and love from Gaza to you all.”

Any gift you can make is urgently needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you. Your gift is tax deductible and makes a big difference to communities in Gaza and the West Bank.

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