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Tension Rises, Violence Escalates

October 2004

The distribution of food aid to flood-ravaged Gonaives continues to be harried by armed gangs and looters, while ex-military rebels have challenged U.N. troops and said they would begin patrolling the streets of the city themselves, as the Haitian police have yet to mount a decisive plan for security.

Meanwhile, in Port-au-Prince, a march to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the September 30, 1991 coup that deposed President Aristide erupted into violence.

The situatation is charged, to say the least. All of the actors in last winter’s protests and last spring’s insurgency are still active and armed, and there haven’t been any signs to suggest that anyone has a plan to return the country to peace or stability.

The National Coalition of Haitian Rights (NCHR) has issued a statement on the anniversary, and on the state of Haiti’s struggle to build a just, democratic political and economic system for all its citizens. We’ve posted it here for your consideration.

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