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The ABCs of Rainforest Destruction

October 2007

The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) officially launched their new Rainforest Agribusiness campaign this week, targeting ADM, Bunge and Cargill (ABC) for the role they are playing in the massive expansion of soy and palm oil plantations throughout the world. Global South movements including our partners in the Via Campesina are doing similar campaigns in various parts of the world.

Yesterday, RAN activists dropped a 60 x 40 foot banner on the facade of the Chicago Board of Trade which read, “ADM, Bunge, and Cargill: The ABC’s of Rainforest Destruction.” The banner greeted traders and onlookers as they arrived at work. It remained up for over an hour until the activists were arrested and pulled down.

RAN also took out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune calling these three companies out for contributing to climate change in their pursuit of biofuels. You can see a copy of the ad at:

Grassroots is proud to stand with RAN, with our partners and allies in the Global South and North and with thousands of other people who will not tolerate rainforest destruction, the displacement of Indigenous communities and small-scale family farmers, and the human rights abuses that come with the massive imposition of the destructive industrial agricultural model.

Please sign on to RAN’s email action alert today, and let the CEO’s of ADM, Bunge, and Cargill know that there will be no more agribusiness as usual:

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