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They Uproot and We Plant: Olive Trees and Resistance in Palestine

January 2015

Last week we got word that settlers had destroyed hundreds of olive trees very near to the area in the Southern Hebron Hills where Grassroots International’s delegation to Palestine harvested olives in October.  Similar acts of violence by settlers are a reality that Palestinian farmers face day in and day out throughout the occupied Palestinian territories and a painful reminder of the impact of the settlers on stolen land.  

Please stand in solidarity with the farmers by signing the statement put out by Grassroots International’s partner the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and learn more about Israel’s campaign of destruction against precious olive trees in Grassroots International’s  Fact Sheet on the Israeli occupation and olive trees.  UAWC will plant new trees with the farmers this month as part of their campaign: “They Uproot and We Plant.”

Photo above: Members of the Grassroots International delegation work with UAWC to plant  olive trees.

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