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Thousands of Zapatistas march in five cities of Chiapas

December 2012

Today, 15 years to the day after the 1997 massacre at Acteal, the Zapatistas filled the streets of five Mexican towns in the state of Chiapas. According to La Jornada, around 6a.m. this morning, a large march of indigenous Zapatistas has entered five cities of Chiapas: Ocosingo, San Cristobal de las Casas, Las Margaritas, Comitán and Altamirano.   Forty-five women, men and children were killed while praying in a church, making the Acteal massacre the single deadliest attack in the then 18-year history of the Zapatistas.   Ocosingo is one of the towns that the Zapatistas took over in January of 1994, the year of their founding. San Cristobal de Las Casas is one of the largest cities in the state.   In the rain, the Zapatistas walked in silence. This is the first major action since May of 2011.   Based upon previous actions when the Zapatistas concentrate in the center of the towns and cities, an official communiqué from the Zapatista autonomous communities will likely be forthcoming.   Photo courtesy: Raul Vera

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