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Troubled Waters

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February 2010


Harmony Foundation releases new educational presentation, Troubled Waters

Harmony Foundation of Canada recently released a new educational presentation, entitled Troubled Waters. This 27 minute, narrated multimedia presentation examines freshwater issues of global importance and inspires local action through examples of grassroots leaders working to protect and conserve fresh water in communities around the world.

Grassroots International’s program coordinator for Brazil &Mesoamerica, Saulo Araújo worked with the Harmony Foundation to helphighlight the One Million Cisterns Project in Brazil, begun with seed support by Grassroots International for its partner Pólo Sindical.

Troubled Waters is a valuable and easy to use educational tool, informing community leaders and concerned citizens about the importance of responsible water stewardship and inspiring cooperative local action.

The presentation as well as an accompanying presenter’s guide is available as a free download from the Harmony Foundation web site.

For more information, please contact Harmony Foundation at

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