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Urgent Appeal to Support Affected Poor Families in Jabalya and North of Gaza

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October 2004


Dear Friend of PARC,

Greetings from Gaza ….. PARC Just wanted to brief you within this urgent appeal about the difficult situations of the Gaza Strip till this morning;

At the moment the Israeli aggressive incursions continues in all parts of Northern Gaza, including Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahya and with a special concentration on Jabalya (both refugee camp & village). Jabalya lies directly to the north of Gaza City.


The Gaza Strip at the moment is being separated into three parts, people find high difficulty in moving from one place to another and many people who are working in Governmental, NGOs and humanitarian organizations are cut off from their jobs and couldn’t reach their target groups to offer needed services.


Movement and transportation of goods ( like vegetables, eggs and poultry meet…etc…) coming normally from the south of Gaza to the middle and north of Gaza seems impossible nowadays. Nitzarim & Abu Holly crossing points and the main roads there are closed. At Nitzarim crossing (south of Gaza City) people trying to take the beach underneath sandy road but they have been shoot or banned by Israeli army there !?

Over the last two weeks nearly all international & humanitarian delegations and visitors coming to Gaza have been banned at Eritz Check Point .


In the north of Gaza and since the last Israeli incursions in Jabalya and north of Gaza, more than 70 people have been shot or shelled and hundreds of people have been injured (among them children) and many poor houses have been demolished in order to open new roads “short cuts” for the Israeli tanks in Jabalya area .Jabalya, Beit Hanoun, Bedwin Village & Beit Lahya are separated accordingly the people there find very high difficulty in reaching food, drinking water and milk for their children and themselves too.

During same period (last five days) hundreds of the agricultural dunums (planted with citrus & vegetables) have been destroyed to open new roads ” short cuts” for the huge Israeli tanks and bulldozers. PARC’s north branch, which is located in Jabalya village is closed and our staff can’t manage their work from that place any more, we are depending at the moment more and more on being in close contact with our local farmers and women’s gatherings and committees.


Concerning the registration for the Palestinian elections, the population here are so frustrated from the ongoing situations and bad socio-economical conditions and as a normal result they do not feel safe or encouraged to share practically in this process at least during such difficult time . And we can say that at least 40 % of the population who have the right to register do not have the ability to reach or join any of the registration’s offices. It would be important to confirm that the Israeli army and by such aggressive incursions is not only killing the people in Gaza but also kills the only available chance for democratic change and for building democratic civil society in Palestine . The last indication about percentage of registration for election in Gaza is not more than 50 and the closing date is not far from now.

While writing you this brief report I can hear clearly the shocking sounds of bombarding and shelling in the north of Gaza and I can hear the shooting near Netzarim Road too!?

PARC’s urgent intervention for relief and development in Jabalya & north of Gaza:

PARC will continue to be in close contact and good level of coordination with its local network of Gatherings and committees that belong to farmers, rural women and rural youth, this will help in collecting information.

PARC is willing to continue the implementation of new phases of its successful project “From Poor Farmers To Poor Affected Families ” depending on our successful experience in Rafah and other affected parts of Gaza Strip .Such important project has proved both relief and developmental aspects and indicators within its different activities, it supported & helped directly both farmers to continue producing the food and helped quickly the affected families in the affected populated areas by supplying them with an integrated fresh food basket, BUT with products that are locally produced by Palestinian poor farmers and poor rural women .

Finally, we do hope that all our friends , including individuals, international & Arab rganizations, all over the world are able to extend their WORD and hands to support and help as possible as they can in order to help and relief thousands of the affected poor families in Jabalya and other affected parts of Northern Gaza by offering them this integrated fresh food basket and other means of life ASAP . Further PARC will be working to respond the urgent need to support the affected areas with drinking water tanks, specially in Bedwin Village & Jabalya R.C. .

If you would like to participate in this campaign for the relief & developmen of poor affected families, please call or contact us ASAP.


Ahmed Sourani

Director of External Relations & Cooperation

Agricultural Development Association (PARC)- Gaza

Tel: +972 8 2805042- (41)

Fax: + 972 8 2805039

Mobile:+972 59 302 704, 52 314297



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