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Vandana Shiva Joins Grassroots International Resource Rights Advisory Group

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November 2005


Vandana Shiva, a longtime activist and researcher from India who has been involved with women’s, ecological, peasants and anti-globalization movements has joined Grassroots’ Resource Rights Advisory Group.

Shiva was recently in Cambrdige to give a talk at MIT organized by the Technology and Culture Forum. It was a packed auditorium with students as well as members of the community present. Grassroots International was proud to co-sponor the event.

Shiva is excited to be taking part in Grassroots’ Resource Rights for All initiative. She has worked with many of the Advisory Group’s members in various capacities over the years.

Shiva is a founder of Navdanya, a movement that focuses on food, seed, and water sovereignty. For a sampling of her writing, visit her author archive on Z-net.

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