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Via Campesina Central America Appreciates Prompt Calls for Action

August 2008

“Life in Silin community in Honduras is coming back to normal,” said Wendy Cruz, an advisor for Via Campesina Central America based in Honduras. In a telephone call yesterday, Cruz expressed gratitude for the prompt actions taken by allies: “Thanks for your support and solidarity. We received hundreds of emails and calls from friends worldwide. Your rapid response and caring gives strength to continue our struggle for land rights in Honduras.”

According to Cruz, a local Human Rights Center is closely monitoring the safety of the remaining 300 families in the encampment, as fear of a backslash from landowners continues. In recent days, Rafael Alegría – a peasant leader of Honduras and member of the International Coordinating Committee of the Via Campesina – received death threats after a clash between the national police and peasant activists in the community of Silin left 11 dead and more injured. Due to pressure from the international community, the Honduran government sent a military squad to protect the area and avoid new confrontations.

The response from Grassroots International supporters and allies in the U.S. was fantastic. Activists sent more than 1,400 emails in the span of two days. Thanks for your promptness. With your support, we will continue joining peasants and indigenous people around the globe in the struggle for justice.


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