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We Stand in Solidarity with Susya

June 2015

“We stand in solidarity with the people of Susya, who UAWC (Union of Agricultural Work Committees) introduced us to in October 2014.  These are people who welcomed us, fed us, gave us a place to sleep and shared their stories with us.  “We gather to bring our voices to the on-going struggle in the face of imminent demolition by the Israeli Military. We urge you too to take up their cause for grazing land, for access to water, for their olive trees, for their homes, for their history, and for self-determination.” The above solidarity declaration came from six members of the 2014 Grassroots International delegation to Palestine (pictured above) who had the privilege of planting and harvesting olives, and spending the night with some of the 350 farming families of Susya in the West Bank.  The Israeli military now threatens to forcibly remove the Palestinian villagers from their agricultural lands and subsequently demolish their entire village. This follows decades of threats and attacks as Israeli settlements have now expanded to surround this once archeologically protected land.  You can also stand in solidarity with the community of Susya by saying “No!” to land confiscations, forcible displacements, olive tree uprootings, violence and destruction of Palestinian agricultural lands. 

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