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When Hope Triumphs Over Fear: An Invisible Global Revolution: Frances Moore Lappé at the Jamaica Plain Forum

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October 2007


Thursday, November 1st

First Church in Jamaica Plain
Unitarian Universalist Sanctuary
6 Eliot St (Across from the Monument)
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

In 2006 an energized electorate seemed poised to reassert ownership of the democratic process. Since the elections, however, polls show that citizens confidence in government has resumed its downward trend. Far from waning, disillusion and disengagement continue to spread.

Why is this happening, and how can we stop it?

Distilling decades of experience, Lappé begins from the simple notion that we create our world according to our ideas. From this understanding, she suggests that there is a central fault with America’s prevailing model of democracy: while democracy seeks to spread power broadly, the wealth-driven market concentrates power. This contradiction lies at the heart of what the author calls “thin democracy.”

Lappé reveals an emerging trend that stands in marked contrast to “thin democracy.” She explores developments from clean election initiatives to fair trade economies, from evolving standards of corporate accountability to emerging forms of citizen involvement. These are not isolated victories, Lappé submits, but signs of a burgeoning new worldview that empowers individuals and emphasizes community. She calls this new alternative “living democracy” and challenges us all to find entry points for involvement with this historical breakthrough.

Lappé and her daughter are co-founders of the Cambridge-based Small Planet Institute and the Small Planet Fund, which channels resources to democratic social movements worldwide. In addition,Lappé is co-founder of two other national organizations; Food and Development Policy (Food First) and the Center for Living Democracy.

Her books will be available for purchase at the event from Jamaicaway Books.

This event co-sponsored by: Farm Aid, Grassroots International, and Oxfam America.

Visit for more information.

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