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Workers Affected by Dams Take the Streets in Defense of Retirement and Worker’s Rights

May 2017

This article originally appeared on the Movimiento dos Atingidos por Barragnes (MAB) website on April 28, 2017.

In Brazil, the workers affected by dams sums to the struggles against the Temer government’s austerity measures.

MAB protest

Today the day began knowing that it would be a historical day. The last time Brazil stopped it’s production in the country was in 1989, with the general strike against the economic measures of the former President José Sarney. The fact is that the country is not standing still, but in struggle against the Goverment’s attempt to dismantle Social Security and Labor Laws.

The protests, led by two fronts, Frente Povo Sem Medo and Frente Brasil Popula, which articulates several social movements and unions, started very early in the morning at this Friday, April 28th. In addition to the general strike, hundreds of workers took the streets early in the morning to protest against Michel Temer’s illegitimate government measures. Main viaducts, avenues and highways of the whole country were blocked up at dawn.

MAB protestThe workers affected by dams also sums to the protests in the 19 states where MAB is active. In São Paulo, MAB took part of the brigades formed by several popular movements and blocked avenues in the city and summed with the oil workers the blocking front of Petrobras’ headquarter.

In the city of Erechim, in the south, people affected by dams also participated at the blockade of the highway; in the metropolitan area of Fortaleza, people affected by dams summed to the worker’s stoppages at the Harbor of Pecém and marched in the streets of the city; In Altamira (PA), those affected by Belo Monte march in the city; In Teresina (PI) affected populations sums to the protest held in the city; in the state of Minas Gerais, MAB participates simultaneously in two blockades of highways; Goiás workers march in the city, in Registro, state of São Paulo, MAB sums to the struggles and strike; in the state of Bahia, at the mobilizations in Santa Maria da Vitória and Correntina; state of Paraná, people affected people affected take part of the highway blockade and in Porto Velho, Rondônia, people affected participate of the big march in the city.

Several other protests are happening today.

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