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Human Rights

Mixe Peoples Services is an indigenous organization supporting human rights work for more than 130,000 people in 30 communities in the state of Oaxaca, particularly for organizing against mining and extraction.

Mixe Peoples Services (SER Mixe) also advocates for constitutional amendments related to indigenous autonomy. This dates back to work that they did during the peace negotiations between the Zapatistas, the Congress of Indigenous Peoples (CNI) and the Mexican Government in the mid-1990’s to 2000.

Through this project, SER Mixe plans to organize workshops with indigenous local authorities and community members to improve skills needed to implement community-based mechanisms of territorial defense and conflict resolution.

SER Mixe will strengthen the organizing process, not only in the Mixe regions, but also across other indigenous regions (including zapoteco, mixteco, huave, and chinanteca), about the importance of communal principles and the actions that should be taken in the heart of each community to defend land, territory and natural resources — the basis for integrated development.

With the support of Grassroots, SER Mixe will continue providing training, conflict resolution and legal assistance to various indigenous communities in Oaxaca such as:

  • Analyze, create educational materials and hold two regional workshops on the new regulatory framework and high Constitutional laws on energy, mining and national waters.
  • Research and document new cases of violations of territorial rights.
  • Organize three community workshops to raise awareness about territorial rights.
  • Organize four community assemblies in the different Indigenous regions.
  • Conduct two training workshops for the development of communal statues.

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