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EMERGENCY: Fund a Movement-Centered Response in Palestine

Grassroots International has launched an emergency fund to support Palestinians at this time of unfathomable violence and humanitarian catastrophe. If you are looking for a way to make a difference at this critical moment, we invite you to contribute as much as you can to this fund.

We have been moving money to grassroots organizations in Gaza and throughout Palestine as quickly as possible, with the goal of distributing at least $750,000, and hopefully more.

100% of the Emergency Fund will go towards work on the ground – life-saving work for humanitarian aid and human rights. See below for further details.

We have deep trust in our Palestinian partners. They are not only on the forefront of the crisis response right now, but have a track record of addressing the root causes of the crisis, and working tirelessly for equality, self-determination, and freedom for Palestinians, and for just peace in the region. We have been in close communication with our partners to the extent possible at this time about the emergency situation and how we can support them.

At a moment when so many of us are asking ourselves what we can do as we watch this genocidal campaign continue unfettered, THIS is one thing you can do. Please join us. The time to act is NOW.

With your support, the Emergency Fund will support partners and grantee allies in Palestine who are working around the clock, including: 

  • The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) has deployed its network of fieldworkers into the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Gaza – where entire residential buildings have been flattened by Israeli bombs – to both document grave abuses as well as respond to the immediate needs of survivors. PCHR’s reports describe instantaneous killings of extended families and urge international accountability and adherence to international law through channels such as the International Criminal Court. 
  • The Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) is ensuring life-giving access to health services for thousands of injured Palestinians. One of their strategies is providing medication and services through mobile clinics that can reach the injured and their loved ones who are not otherwise able to access medical facilities.
  • Other partners are making heroic attempts to support local farmers and fisherpeople to manage and distribute dwindling local food supplies and provide holistic mental health interventions with a special focus on families and children – among other life-sustaining efforts.

We also believe that Solidarity Philanthropy includes taking action along with allies – from lifting up demands on our own government to end its complicity with genocide, to mobilizing in the streets, and more. Please consider signing onto this Philanthropy Open Letter for Justice and Humanity, as one important way to make our collective voices heard.

Thank you for your solidarity.

If you are new to Grassroots International, we also invite you to contact us with a message directed to Sasha to learn about our ongoing movement accompaniment work in Palestine, and in the other regions around the globe where we work. The fact that we are able to mobilize and move resources to Palestine at this time is because of our model of long-term accompaniment of movements working for our collective liberation. If this work is of interest to you, we welcome you to become part of our community of steady supporters and to take part in our donor political education and engagement spaces on a regular basis. 

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