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Sector de Mujeres

Sector de Mujeres is a key point of reference in grassroots feminist organizing in the Americas. In addition to its national-level work in Guatemala, it is part of the regional coordinating body of World March of Women.

Sector de Mujeres is a network of 32 organizations representing all regions of Guatemala, with its member organizations from Indigenous and peasant women’s groups, LGBTQIA+ rights organizations, artisans, and women’s health groups. Sector de Mujeres works to develop policies that advance women’s rights, buen vivir (living well), and the protection of Mother Earth. Sector de Mujeres has played an essential role bringing feminist perspectives to other national social movements in Guatemala.

Social exclusion and violence have increased sharply in Guatemala. Over the last five years, there has been an alarming number of attacks on human and environmental rights defenders, especially those who are peasants, Indigenous peoples, and women. These sectors experience the highest levels of poverty in parallel. Sector de Mujeres points to a multidimensional crisis that is unraveling in issues related to food, energy, care, and politics. It sees its organization as a key part of the resistance to these multiple crises of capitalism and as part of a broader grassroots feminist movement for systemic change. Women and feminists are at the core of this work that takes place at both national and territorial levels. Since rural and Indigenous women bear the brunt of legal and institutional barriers, they are prioritized as leaders in Sector de Mujeres analytical, political, and technical work throughout Guatemala.

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