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United States

Although Grassroots International primarily supports social movements in the Global South, we also fund work in the US that promotes internationalism because we know that US movements are key to a global justice vision.

The US is home to powerful grassroots movements with rich histories of resistance in response to the oppressive foundations on which the country was built, from land theft and genocide of Indigenous Peoples and enslavement of Africans. They are working to dismantle systems of oppression rooted in racism, white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, and patriarchy while building alternatives, in tandem with their global counterparts.

From Indigenous water protectors protesting destructive pipelines to food sovereignty activists challenging the corporate stranglehold on US food and farm policies, social movements work at the intersections of multiple struggles to build grassroots power. They do so with an internationalist lens, seeing their own liberation as bound with that of oppressed peoples throughout the world.

Grassroots International’s US program strategy is to support these struggles while reinforcing linkages between movements in the US and the Global South. This includes accompaniment of groups like La Via Campesina North America and the National Family Farm Coalition and frontline movements leading the work for environmental justice, climate justice, Indigenous sovereignty, reparations, and a just transition.

Grassroots International is involved in a range of advocacy and social action efforts in the US, together with our partners and allies. We are a founding member of the US Food Sovereignty Alliance and the Climate Justice Alliance; a resource ally of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance; and a supporter and member of the Stop Land Grabs Campaign. We are also involved in a variety of US-based solidarity networks connected to the other regions in which we work, such as Palestine, Haiti, Brazil, and Honduras.

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