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Digital Communications Coordinator

“Real change is made from the bottom-up: regular people breaking their chains and building anew. Solidarity means we unshackle each one of us by unshackling all of us, together.”

Chris Morrill is the Digital Communications Coordinator at Grassroots International. For over 15 years, he has spent most of his energies on social justice, grassroots organizing, and writing. This commitment to struggle from below connected naturally to Grassroots International’s longtime commitment to its movement partners.

As Digital Communications Coordinator, Chris helps to project Grassroots’ analysis and the voices of its partners to our supporters. He also coordinates social media and the website.

When not at work or out in the streets, he’s out on the waves surfing. Or he’s off playing guitar in a band with his friends. Or he’s doing any of the other hobbies he tries to find the time for.

Chris has worked for organizations like the Massachusetts Nurses’ Association and UNITE HERE Local 26, and he has been involved in struggles like Occupy Wall Street and the Movement for Black Lives. He holds a B.A. in American Studies from UMass Boston with a minor in Labor Studies.

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