Grassroots International

Partners and Regions

Grassroots International combines savvy political analysis, reliable funding, and international networking to support global movements that are solving the root causes of poverty and climate change. For more than three decades, Grassroots International has worked in partnership with social movements and frontline organizations at the local and global level to advance the human rights to land, water and food through grantmaking, building solidarity across organizations and movements and advocacy in the US.

That work remains more important now than ever, as more and more people squeeze into the global 99 percent, with their rights, lands and resources under attack by elite corporations and institutions. But that is not the end of the story.

Small farmers, Indigenous Peoples, women and those on the losing end of globalization are joining hands to defend their lands, livelihood and the planet by advancing an alternative model of “living well” (buen vivir) that is both sustainable and shareable, and protecting the earth’s precious resources. And Grassroots International is right with them, providing both essential financial support and political solidarity.

In partnership with peoples’ movements around the world, Grassroots International is strengthening hands-on solutions to the major challenges of our day: hunger, climate disruption, and social and economic inequality. Together we address the root causes of these challenges and seek to reverse damage to the planet’s eco-systems caused by harmful corporate-driven industrial agriculture, land grabs for financial speculative purposes, and the extractive economy including megaprojects such as hydroelectric dams and mining.

Grassroots International currently works in the following places: