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Climate Justice Retreat for Donors

April 2018


Are you fired up about climate change, economic and racial justice, and transformative change? If so, join an in-depth discussion with interactive presentations by leading thinkers, organizers and innovators on ecological, economic, and social justice.

  • What are the economic, cultural, political, and ecological contours of the systemic crisis we face?
  • What can we learn from grassroots movements, especially in the Global South, about protecting people and the planet?
  • What are the lessons and inspirations we can draw from diverse domestic and international social movements?
  • What role do US activists and donors have in advancing global movements for climate justice?

$750 (includes room, board and training fees/materials)


Chorus Foundation, EDGE Funders Alliance, Movement Generation

Learn more:

If you are interested in attending the retreat, email or call 617.524.1400.

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