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Next Generation Donor-Activist Engagement Group

April 2018


For years, the territories occupied by Indigenous and Afro-descent people have been the most vulnerable to land grabs, mining, deforestation and violence. Yet they resist. Everyday. Led by women. Led by youth. Led by courage. Powerful grassroots movements around the globe, are demonstrating resistance, resilience and creative solutions.

This 6-month Engagement Group for donor-activists 40 years or younger give works with a cohort to analyze power and social change; learn about struggles for territory rights; and raise and contribute to support movements on the front-lines of global social change. All participants must attend in person a retreat April 27-29 in Massachusetts.

What you do:

  • Learn about the organizations mobilizing to defend their land, rights and dignity
  • Explore questions about land grabs, “Black Lands Matter” and reparations
  • Connect with powerful grassroots leaders about their resistance
  • Become an effective fundraiser to mobilize resources for grassroots organizations
  • Engage in transformative conversations about race/class/gender/colonialism/privilege
  • Build a community of peers from different race and class backgrounds who stand in solidarity with communities defending their land and water systems and advancing climate justice
  • Unpack the racism, imperialism and patriarchy that drive land grabs
  • Support front-line groups protecting rights and land
  • Raise money and your voice for land rights!

How it Works:

This group will run for 6-months and below is a brief breakdown of the activities:

One 3-Day Launching Retreat on April 27-29th, 2018, East Coast (Attendance is mandatory)

  • Introductions and establish norms
  • Build community, share stories and goals
  • Fundraising training
  • Inter-sectional approach to colonialism, race, gender and class

Five Monthly Video Meetings from May – September 2018

  • Political education
  • Members share ideas with each other on being effective donor-activist
  • Reading proposals from grassroots organizations and working as a group to recommend where to grant funds
  • Individual Work Outside of Meetings
  • Fundraising from personal/professional network to support social movement (support
    will be provided)
  • Making a personally meaningful gift based on your history and resources
  • One September Celebration!  Celebrate our efforts – Plan your next engagement

To learn more and/or sign up, please contact Kathy Asuncion at 617.690.4168.

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