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Donor-Activist Solidarity Group for Palestine

May 2018


Are you looking to engage more directly in supporting frontline movements in Palestine?

Are you outraged by the atrocities and violence funded by the US government in its support of Israeli settlements and military operations?

Do you want to be part of a collaborative solidarity building effort to support a peaceful and just solution?

Do you believe in mobilizing financial resources as a critical part of backing social movements?

Do you want to talk to your friends and family about these issues and ask them to become involved by contributing?

Then this Donor/Activist Solidarity Group is for you!

This new Solidarity Group is a great opportunity to:

  • Explore questions about land, water, settler colonialism and human rights struggles in Palestine and Israel, and how they are linked to global resource rights struggles
  • Discuss how donor-activists can become part of the global effort to end the occupation of Palestine
  • Connect with visionary grassroots leaders from Palestine and the United States through webinars
  • Become an effective fundraiser to mobilize resources for frontline organizations
  • Build a community of peers from different race and class backgrounds who all stand in solidarity with Palestine
  • Engage in transformative conversations about race/class/colonialism and issues of personal and political privilege and power.
  • Work with others to learn about and recommend grants to US-Based, Palestinian-led organizing efforts.

Grassroots International invites you to join our Group for donor/activists who have a commitment to deepen your understanding and expand financial support for the grassroots Palestinian movements. Funds raised by this Donor-Activist Solidarity Group will provide grants to courageous and effective organizing for Palestinian rights in Palestine (and also will include some Palestinian-led organizing efforts here in the United States).

To participate in this opportunity, we ask you to commit to the following things:

  • Attend a Donor/Activist Engagement Group weekend retreat at Prindle Pond in Charlton, Massachusetts on May 4 – May 6
  • Commit 8-10 hours a month for the 6-month duration of this effort to engaging in education, fundraising, and community-building activities
  • Share your story of how you want to engage in social justice philanthropy and learn from others from different class and racial backgrounds.
  • Make a personally meaningful gift based on your history, narrative, and resources.
  • Fundraise your personal/professional networks to support social movements and grassroots organizing (not to worry, we will be there with you at every step along the way, offering all the support you need!)
  • As some of the resources will be directed in the United States, you will read proposals and work as a group to recommend where to grant funds to US-based Palestinian organizations.
  • Participate in monthly video calls to share successful strategies, celebrate our collective achievements, and hear from Palestinian activists about their work.

Questions? Contact Malkah Feldman at or call 617-524-1400.

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