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Welcome to the New Website!

#News and Press Releases
September 2023

As part of our celebration of “40 Years of Keeping It Radical,” Grassroots International is excited to launch our refreshed look and feel, including our brand new website!

The new website is a labor of love by our whole community — from our movement partners, donors, funders, and allies who shared their input, to multiple contributions by many board and staff members. We are grateful to our friends at Shape History for guiding us through the process.

Be sure to check out some of the new features contained in this site, including:

  • Our Learning Hub, where you can find blogs, reports, art, and photos and videos. We will be building this out over time with material from us, our allies, and our partners.
  • Our historical timeline demonstrating how we have evolved over the years, together with our social movement partners, in response to shifting global dynamics
  • The “Why Grassroots Action Works” and “Our Approach” sections highlighting why we fund and accompany social movements, and why we have a unique approach to funding
  • Issue area pages outlining some of the diverse ways in which our partners are working to tackle the roots of injustice, and how we are accompanying them 
  • Ripples of change happening across our community, from social movement mobilizations on the frontlines to donor and funder organizing to shift how philanthropy works
  • An enhanced section on the Martín-Baró Initiative for Wellbeing and Human Rights (MBI)
  • Opportunities to engage with us as part of our community, through both one-off events and deeper donor engagement programs.

Our website is just one piece of a refreshed visual identity for Grassroots International.

Our new look and feel is really about expanding what the “grassroots” means for us. For example, our new color palette is more representative of the Earth’s biodiversity, inspired by the land, the sea, and the sky.

Our new logo is a summary of what we’re working towards — a world made up of communities protecting and living in right relationship with land, water, territory, seeds, and the Earth. The Earth isn’t represented as a standard globe but is instead visualized with topography to represent land but also fluid strokes that represent water. Within this visualization of the Earth are two hands reaching out, symbolizing the work we do connecting communities. Encircling the Earth are seeds representing the diversity of our work and the community building it results in.

The website remains a work in progress, so please bear with us as we continue to refine it and build it out. Coming soon are accessibility features and content in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, as part of our commitment to language justice and disability justice. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Latest from the Learning Hub
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