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Supporting Social Movements: A Guide for Funders

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September 2023

Supporting Social Movements: A Guide for Funders

In this guide, learn what a social movement is, what makes Grassroots International’s model unique, and how you can engage in the work of supporting social movements for transformative change.

For more than 40 years, it has been our privilege to fund and form longterm, trusting partnerships with some of the most vibrant and effective movements and organizations in the world. Our steadfast commitment to supporting social movements to create lasting change in unjust systems is driven by a powerful practice we call Solidarity Philanthropy.

Only a small fraction of all the donations by US donors and funders go to communities outside of the U.S., while most of the wealth accumulated comes from extracting resources from those very regions and communities. International philanthropy working hand-in-hand with social movements can be a critical vehicle to address that.

We invite donors, advisors, and funders to join a global effort of philanthropic actions based on solidarity. Joining our donor community is also an opportunity for personal growth by engaging in educational activities that will inspire and connect donors with the solutions they are so invested in.

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